Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Back Pain and High Blood Pressure

Well, a little more details I thought I'd share, perhaps there are others with similar issues. I've got high blood pressure, and my doctor says I have a degenerating disc in my lower back. Back pain is so aggravating, It's not too bad laying down or sitting for a bit. It just gets crazy when standing for any length of time or walking.

Really sucks when going to grocery store, halfway through shopping I end up using the buggy as a walker so to speak. The good part is for pain the doctor put me on Vicodin and Soma, most should know what Vicodin is, but Soma is a muscle relaxer, those 2 are little miracles in pill form for me. I'm able to get around better and move without lots of pain.

The depressing part of all this, is I had a great job in Orlando, FL that eventually went out of business, afterward my medical issues have gotten worse, so I'm currently unemployed with no insurance, and it really sucks that it seems that doctors really don't give a rat's ass about people without insurance. I may post in the next couple days ranting about the state of health care here. But I may need surgery on my back, the problem is no insurance, so I'm trying to get on disability hoping that it will come through so I can afford to pay my medical bills.

Anyhow just wanted to rant a little, sometimes writing it down makes ya feel a little better.


Anonymous said...

Hey thanks for taking a look. Your site is nice aswell. Sorr about the back pain, I have too, but mine is at it's start so not so bad yet.

Good luck!


Adam said...

Hi Cito,

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Yes, health care in the U.S. is a huge problem and growing. I think I remember someone saying costs had gone up 20 percent every year for the past 5 years. My wife and I just went through IVF and it wasn't covered - had to write a check for $20k!!! People say it is expensive to have kids - it is apparently even more expensive not having them yet.

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Anonymous said...

Back Pain is a pain in my… well… back!
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Upon waking from my beautiful bed the relief only lasted until I got to work then the suffering began once more.
Can anyone give me any advice to ease my pain?

Cito said...

My back pain is caused by a herniated disc in my back, my doctors really can't do anything at the moment other than feed me vicodin.

I had a heart attack back in March of this year, so I have to wait at least 1 year and was told to lose a little more weight before they will reevaluate the situation and see if it calls for surgery.

Hopefully, your situation is not as bad, but herniated discs are very common, check with your doctor and they can do a MRI to verify, there are some surgical fixes for them if they get real bad.