Thursday, April 5, 2007

I hate telemarketers

Don't know why it is, but telemarketers seem to swarm to my phone number. Promises of free money, low interest rate loans, satellite television, etc. I've requested many times to be placed on their do not call list, and have signed up on that national do not call list registry, but seems to not be working.

I understand that people have a job to do, but telemarketers really get on my nerves.
You'd think that after telling them not to call back, they'd have the common decency to leave you alone.

Oh well, one of the small evils of life I guess. By the way if your interested in signing up on the national do not call registry, you can find their website here:

National Do Not Call

But so far it doesn't seem to be working for me. Maybe your results will be different.

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singer_dancer said...

NICE BLOG!!! HAppy Easter