Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Wednesday Afternoon

Well I was supposed to call the doctor today to setup a new appointment and to get results of my MRI that I posted about a week ago, but decided to procrastinate and perhaps call them tomorrow. In some ways I'm sorta worried that they may have found something, and in other perhaps not found anything at all. I know I have a degenerating disc in my lower back, but hopefully it isn't too bad. Guess I should call them in the morning.

In other news, it was great hearing from an old friend of mine today. I haven't seen or spoken to him in a few years and was a great surprise to hear from him, that really made my day. My little advice for everyone, if there is an old friend or someone you haven't spoken to in years, look them up and give them a call or an email and brighten some one's day. It does the heart good I guarantee.

Still poking around the web here and there, stay tuned of course, I may just find another weird news story to comment on, or a great video to post.

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