Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Photoshop Newbie

Recently got Adobe Photoshop, never used it before and learning how to use this. So far reading tutorials, the how-to's and watching photoshop vids on youtube. It's a lot of fun, once I start getting the hang of it I'll post a few pictures, perhaps they'll be decent and not get too much criticism.

Anyhow here is a little logo I've worked on for a guild website I'm part of. Just click it for full size.


Jim Jamesson said...

Not a bad logo :) Guess I'll be first to not be 'too much' critisizm... if you faded out the under part of the reflection it would look more natural. Adding a layer mask to your reflection layer, and use gradient tool to blend it up. Will mimic lights natural 'fall-off' or whatever it's called for real.

Photoshop rocks hope that you're learning has gone well!

Eric said...

Thanks for the tip! I haven't uploaded anything new. I really need to. I'm still working on stuff from time to time. Hopefully I can get around to uploading some new stuff from time to time.

Jim Jamesson said...

Cool Eric :) I'm on your rss train now and looking forward to any ps work you post :)