Friday, June 8, 2007

Ed Brown Tax Protester

I've recently read about Ed Brown and his fight against the I.R.S. The story is absolutely amazing, yet scary. My prayers are with him and his family. For more information on what has been going on, this mainly started around January 2007, and as of June 7th it seems the government is getting ready to storm his home. Here you can read an open letter from Ed Brown dates February 1, 2007:
from Keene Free Press

The latest news from Wikipedia

June 2007

* On June 7, police, SWAT teams, and armored vehicles are seen gathering in a field near the Browns' home. United States Marshal Stephen Monier confirms that one Brown supporter was detained near the Browns' property.[18] Several sources later identify the Browns' supporter as a man named Danny Riley and state that he was detained while walking the Browns' dog, Zoe.[19] Monier's office later releases a press statement indicating that the government agents were not raiding the Browns' home but in the area simply to serve a warrant to the Browns for the seizure of Elaine Brown's dental office in Lebanon, New Hampshire.[20] In the evening of June 7, Riley records a video describing his encounter with and detainment by federal agents earlier that day.[19] In the video Riley claims that one camouflaged agent fired two shots over his head after he fled from the agent once happening upon him hiding in the woods near the Browns' property.

Google Video also has a interview with Ed Brown, you can watch the video here:
Ed Brown IRS Standoff

Ed Brown's Myspace page can be found here at

We should'nt fear our government, our government should fear the people.

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