Saturday, July 14, 2007

Had my follow-up doctor's appointment today

Well was crossing fingers for no bad news, and in some ways I got both good news and bad news.

Will start off with the good news, after checking my heart out, the doctor believes all is well on that front, sounded good, great blood pressure at the moment, etc.

As some that may have read my older posts or if you haven't just go threw my older posts if interested, will find I do have a herniated disc in my lower back. Well for past 3 to 4 weeks I've been having this left shoulder pain when I sit for long periods of time or walk for 10 mins or more, the pain would start off at front of shoulder area and migrate to the back right under the shoulder blade but a little to the right.

So my doc believes after running a couple tests that I may have an upper back problem perhaps a slipped disc causing a pinched nerve. He gave me this shot of which I forgot exactly what it was, I do remember him saying it was a steroid with a numbing agent or something, anyhow he located the bundle of nerves that have seem to be a little swollen, or at least feel like a knot under my skin. But oh my god when he hit me with that shot in that nerve bundle I felt like I was shot with a pistol or something, whatever he gave me felt as if I layed my shoulder on a hot stove.

To be honest it really hasn't seemed to help so far, perhaps it wasn't what he thought or maybe it takes longer to start working, cause its really painful at the moment. It does dissappear when I lay down. So thats good at least.

Well on to the pretty good news, he increased my dosage of pain pills due to the double back whammy, and included refill of Soma and new bottle to add to my growing collection Xanax.

So time will tell, I still got a few pounds to lose since my heart attack, still smoke free!, havent had a cigarette since April 19th! So I'm proud of myself on that regard.

Bills are piling up and starting to get the good ol' collection company spam calls and letters. I do recommend that movie Sicko by Michael Moore, I watched it the other day and he really brings some of these issues into the light. It really sucks being uninsured, unable to work, and waiting and begging that disabiity will approve me. If it wasn't for family I really don't know where I'd be right now.

Anyhow the weekend is here, time to lay back and enjoy, and sleep late!

So for everyone out there have a great weekend!!! and be safe!

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