Monday, August 27, 2007

Happy Monday

Happy Monday, haha.

Anyhow, not much been going on. Had a pile of doctor bills show up again, most are threats to turn me over to collections, which I guess will have to be since I'm still waiting to hear back from disability to see if I'm approved or not. I wish I had insurance, this is killing me. Speaking of docs, I do have my local doctor's appointment next week, I'm hoping he can increase my pain medicine since my back pain has been giving me more trouble lately than usual.

By the way I did put a paypal link on the right side of my page, I'm not usually one to beg for donations, but if you feel you could help a poor guy out it would be much appreciated and go toward medical bills and Internet bills so that I can keep this blog going at least, and I can put up an advertisement for your site if you want as well.

Well, thought I'd update things on this Monday afternoon. Not much else going on this week, other than surviving this nasty heat wave in the south.

So stay cool, and have a great week.

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