Wednesday, August 15, 2007

New 'Storm' Virus, be careful!

Was looking through some security websites, checking up on the latest news and such and came across this article about a new "worm" called Storm. This thing sounds pretty nasty. Some information.

The misnamed Storm Worm isn't actually a worm; it's a bot, used to corral infected computers together into a network called a botnet, which can then be issued commands by a central criminal controller. One common command is to send vast amounts of spam.


The Storm Worm is capable of launching DoS attacks, and has already been used for them. So the huge rise in the malware's spread may mean that its creator is getting ready to expand his revenue stream and rent out his botnet for powerful DoS attacks.

You can find the complete article here at

So make sure your virus scanners and adware software are updated and use firefox in my opinion. Internet explorer usage is just a step away from reformatting and reinstalling your system in my opinion.

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