Saturday, August 18, 2007

Too much free time

I guess you could call it, 'too much free time', or you could call it boredom, I don't know, but being temporarily disabled due to heart attack in April, herniated disc in my back, and a pinched nerve in my upper back has given me lots of free time on my hands.

So along with this blog that I update from time to time, I also read quite a lot, and enjoy online games, while waiting to hear back from SSI to see if I am approved for disability or not. So it kinda got me thinking, about adding a new hobby to try out perhaps, I'm still undecided but was thinking of starting a podcast. Of course that's where I kinda draw a blank.

I'm not sure what topic to discuss, I could really do a range of topics from online gaming to state of our health care from a southern poor man's perspective. I guess there are many many podcasts of those such topics. But hey, what's one more?

Anyhow, just thinking 'out loud' so to speak. If anyone has any podcast software suggestions or getting started drop me a line in the comments section. Well, that's all for now, I'll keep ya updated on what I do decide.

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