Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A note about my Dad

Just thought I'd write it down, most will probably not care, but my Dad was admitted to the hospital due to a blockage in his neck. These problems really do run in the family it seems. Anyhow today he had surgery where they went in and reopened the artery similar to what they did to me when I had the heart attack. I called him and he is doing ok, and said he felt fine except for a sore throat, I guess from where they had the breathing tube or something. Anyhow me and pops have never really gotten along very well, but in times like this my prayers go out to him.

Anyhow hate to post bad news but just thought I'd jot it down. My dad has always been a oldschool 1950's type of guy who idolized Elvis Presley and owns all of his albums/8-tracks
So this video is for dear ol' pops.

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