Sunday, November 4, 2007

Happy Sunday

Been a semi quiet week, except for Dad, but a little update he's so far doing ok. So thats good. Other than that it's been pretty much same old routine, I did file that appeal for my disability, and still waiting to hear anything from them. I contacted my disability advocate to see if there has been any updates, but nothing as of yet. I hate government red tape.

Anyhow still playing Dark age of Camelot and Eve Online mostly when I have the time. It gives me something to do while waiting. I'd rather be out working, but my doctor doesn't want me to at this time, so it does tend to get boring with no income and my pc. But I do get a lot of reading done (haha).

Anyhow as some may know from previous videos or my profile I'm a big Enigma fan and I haven't posted an Enigma video lately so I'll post an older song of theirs titles "Push the Limits" from their 1999 album The Screen Behind the Mirror

Enjoy and I hope you had a great weekend.

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