Sunday, January 13, 2008

Blast from the past

It's been a really slow start to the new years, I had my monthly Doctors appointment on the 7th, and got good news and bad news as usual. Good news is he has changed my monthly appointment to every other month now in part to help save on cost, $50 a visit gets tough when ya don't have it. Bad news is I still need a sleep study due to very bad sleep apnea but can't find anyone to do one due to no insurance. My disability case has now moved into 2nd phase of the appeal process and I was notified I have a new 'adjudicator' now. So crossing fingers... That will help so much if it goes through.

Anyhow to change the subject onto more lighter matters, found a song I had totally forgot about but was pretty much a 1 hit wonder from the 90's. It's a break with the normal music I post on my site but still a good song anyhow. This is Breeders with Cannonball

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