Monday, February 25, 2008

Good Job Pakistan

Was reading about Pakistan's move to block Youtube content which led to all sorts of problems. Of course what governments that try to block specific content on the internet do not realize is the ease of bypassing these restrictions. There are thousands of anonymous proxy services online, as well as Http/TCP/UDP tunneling applications that make such restrictions laughable.

There is no use in trying to censor the internet or forcing a nation's people to try to conform to some ideology or "code of conduct". The people will always find ways around censorship, it's too easy and programmers/software will always be one step ahead of the bureaucrats.

Anyhow, not only was Pakistan trying to block Youtube, but inadvertently caused a huge outage across the world to Youtube.

An Internet expert likened the cause of the outage to "identity theft" by a Pakistani telecommunications company, which accidentally started advertising itself as the fastest route to YouTube.

Read the full article Here on MSNBC.

I wonder what those crazy Pakistanis will be up to next

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