Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Personal update...

Well yesterday had an appointment with my disability mediator and signed a ton of papers and will be assigned an attorney for the next phase of my trip down disability lane. The amount of red tape and legal mess to go through is absolutely insane. I had to sign about 20 papers, fill out about 10 and go through yet another interview process. Then we discussed what to expect with the attorney, fees and all.

So that is where it's at now. Now once again I get to play the waiting game... Hopefully this time it will go a little faster.

Anyhow not the greatest of news but not the worst, the weekend was good, although started yesterday when I woke up I now have a sore throat which was worse this morning so been using some throat spray (generic chloroseptic). So my last couple days have really sucked.

But here's hoping things get better as the week progresses. By the way hope everyone had a great and funny April Fool's day. I really loved Google's Virgle and clicking on any featured videos on youtube.com got you "rickrolled".

Great stuff.

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