Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Modern day Robin Hoods

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Interesting article coming from Reuters news service. "Robin Hoods" steal at the store, give to the poor?

Greek anarchists stormed a supermarket on Thursday and handed out food for free in the latest of a wave of raids provoked by soaring consumer prices.

About 20 unarmed people, mostly wearing black hoods, carried out the midday robbery in the northern city of Thesaaloniki, police said.

Local media have labeled the raiders "Robin Hoods" following previous raids.

They take only packets of pasta, rice and cartons of milk which they drop in the middle of the street for people to collect, a police official said.

"They have never stolen money or hurt anyone. They ask people to remain calm but use ambush tactics, jumping over cash desks," he said.

"When they attack without hoods, people are surprised to see that they are mostly women."

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A bit odd, I wonder do people think of them as good guys? or bad guys? would be an interesting poll to see how people thought.

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Tom said...

Good article. I wonder what the response would be if that happened here in the U.S.