Thursday, September 25, 2008

Outsourcing Rant

Now I won't claim to be any expert on the subject of outsourcing or economics but this is just my opinion from someone who has two points of view on an issue I perceive to be a growing problem here in America. Warning this post will be a little longer than my usual posts.

I had a recent run in with calling up the phone company and of course talking to someone that could barely understand english much less speak it. I know many people that have had this same experience. Now not only an aggravation when customers have to deal with barely english speaking people but the bigger problem is the millions of jobs that have been lost due to companies stabbing us in the back by outsourcing everything to countries like India where they do not have to provide anywhere near the pay or benefits that they would pay to an American employee. I can understand trying to save money, but when it comes to providing low quality service to customers then when does this become a liability for companies that do outsource to foreign countries all to try and save a dollar?

Yes I am a bit disgruntled from 2 points of view, one point of view I have is I lost two jobs due to my work being shutdown and outsourced to India and second point of view is from being in the position of a customer having to deal with this low level of service many times over the phone.

The sickest part is they use fake names to make themselves have "American" names and this is trained. And I've actually seen an India training tape for Convergence (where I worked a few years ago) where they are told they have to pick names such as John, Bob, Jane, etc to make them self have a more American feel and are given speech classes on American accents so they can try and attempt to speak our slang to sound more American. But the problem is it makes them sound even more stupid and makes it worse trying to understand them with such strong accents combined with attempted American "slang". For example here is a few video's about this practice, it's plain sickening and infuriating:

There are tons of examples of training videos and such on youtube you can search for more info.

4 minute video with Jason Alexander also putting outsourcing into perspective

The most annoying part is being told to contact customer service for a specific inquiry, I call and for almost 10 minutes I am repeatedly told "Sir reboot your pc and your modem" I on the other hand am asking to verify a charge for a recent upgrade to my service, the support guy calling himself "Johnny" but has the thickest Indian accent you ever heard is getting frustrated and repeating his "reboot your pc, and click the blue E!" Where I will admit I do lose my temper and tell the guy to transfer me to an American whereabouts he says no need to be racist, but I reply very upset that I am not being racist I am being patriotic, my service is America, the companies headquarters are in my same state, and either I will speak to an American or cancel my service and finally he complies.

Now there are many examples of the aggravations thousands if not millions of customers have to deal with day in and day out. But the problem is our economy here in America, as many know, is "going down the toilet" so to speak. From many different reports around the net and from various news sources that I've hunted the number of Americans that have lost jobs just to outsourcing to India is in the 2 million to 3 million figure. See this page for more facts about lost jobs, etc.

Now think about our economy hitting rock bottom, people losing their homes, unemployment, the poor, and the uninsured on the rise. I myself am uninsured and dealing with many health problems of my own that I can't get much help for due to no insurance. I'm not saying outsourcing is all to blame but it's a big part. The problem just goes all the way to the top so-called "patriotic" American corporations outsourcing overseas so they can pay slave wages to India and bypass certain taxes and above that the board of directors on these companies which are mainly heads of banks and lobbyists which keeps going up and up, and you notice there is no such thing as Democrat or Republican anymore only difference is in their names both are selling this country out and it is nothing but acts of treason.

Turning America slowly into a third world country, think about it, millions of lost jobs just to outsourcing, the dollar not worth anything, people losing homes, so we the people are out of money, yet they want to use our own tax money to bail out the bankers and brokers that ultimately trickle down to these companies that keep sending our jobs overseas. So how in the hell do they expect us taxpayers to bail out the very people that refuse to open up jobs here in America yet sell us out to other countries.

Yes this is a long post this time, and I'm a bit disgruntled and if you would like to know who the company in India that takes all our jobs then look no further than WiPro Technologies. Wipro is one company that takes calls for over 300 U.S. companies. For an excerpt from their Wikipedia entry:

[Wipro Technologies has over 300 customers across U.S., Europe and Japan including 50 of the Fortune 500 companies. Some of its customers are Nortel, Boeing, BP, Cisco, Ericsson, IBM, Microsoft, Prudential, Seagate, Sony, HP, Windriver, Airbus, Toshiba, Windstream Communications, Dun and Bradstreet and Wal-Mart]

As far as what can we do, there are few things like refuse doing business with companies that outsource, but that is darn near impossible nowadays as it's gotten too big and everyone is outsourced anyways. Another is to write the companies or email them and tell them your dissatisfaction with taking away jobs from the very country they claim to support, also spreading the word about the lies these companies spew, for example even a company with America in it's title America Online you would think that's a great American company? No, it's also outsourced to India. And if you watched the AE channel documentary John & Jane Toll-Free they are even starting to outsource drive through fast food restaurants to India which blows my mind.

Anyhow thanks for putting up with my long rant here, I wrote an email to a friend of mine and If you would like to read it and an excerpt of one of my phone calls you can click here for a laugh.

Also just to lighten the mood for a quick laugh or two. Lets enjoy Foamy the squirrel's take on this:

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