Monday, September 15, 2008

Well it's that time of year again... Happy Birthday to myself.

Yep good ol' September 15th, the day which will live in infamy... At least for this poor bastard. Hard to believe how fast time flies. Born in Atlanta, Georgia September 15, 1976...Mother always called me a bicentennial baby, but it seem just like yesterday I was climbing trees, scraping knees, begging for a pet dog, getting spanked for talking back. Then the years pass and then it's high school, marching band, cliques and niches... From my era it was the "headbangers, preppies, nerds, jocks" of course I always hung out with the preppies but made grades like the headbangers...(no offense to any real headbangers I use the term in jest of course).

Time flies once again and I'm married and learning the mistake of getting married too early and not having ones life in order and not prepared for what it had to offer due to choices made or not made, of course divorce follows years later and things once again change...

My clock spins again and now I find myself at 30 thinking all was well, when all the sudden I had a heart attack at midnight while sitting in front of my pc. What the hell I even say to myself, a 30 year old having a heart attack? That's just not right... but years of great health led one to believe all was well in the world and neglected yearly physicals and checkups so now I learned first hand why it's called the silent killer.

Now fast forward to now... 32 years on earth, and wonder how many more I got? Only time will tell. It's been a hell of a ride, the good, the bad, and the ugly. I think today I will break with my heart smart diet and have a nice juicy t-bone steak, a bake potato and a slice of texas toast. And I will raise my glass and toast myself for good health with a grin.

Some interesting events that happened on the date of my birth September 15, 1976:

From Here and Here

  • Valery F. Bykovsky and Vladimir Aksenov are launched on September 15 on the Soyuz 22 mission, during which they take Earth resource photographs. Where they spent 8 days in Earth's orbit.

From dMarie Timecapsule:
  • President at the time of my birthday: Gerald Ford
  • The average price of gas on my birthday: $0.60/gal
  • The national minimum wage was: $2.30/hr

And the good part, the #1 song on September 15, 1976...

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Tom said...

A belated Happy Birthday to ya! That post makes me feel oold ( I was in 5th grade in 1976 and had just moved to TN from Alabama).

In politics Jimmy Carter was taking the country by storm (that's all I really remember of national interest, I was too busy getting in fights with Roger White, a kid in my new neighborhood)

I'd hop on IM but the pc I'm on doesnt have it and the one that does have it is fubar. The boss is out of town so I dont know when it'll be fixed (we're hoping itll get replaced since its 5 yrs old)