Monday, April 13, 2009

Listening to Sirius 101 and Howard Stern (Updated May 2012)

No longer updating this blog, except when my main site is having trouble or whatnot.

Can find updated links and info over at Dude Suit. Here is direct link to the Stern streaming links over at Dude-Suit.Net.

Updates posted at:

Howard 100 Live

Howard 101:
128kb stream #1 -

128kb stream #2 -

64kb stream #1 -

64kb stream #2 -

32kb stream -

 If you missed today's show you can listen to it in full here

2 streams that stream older episodes of the Howard Stern Show (CrystalOne plays 2 to 3 days late episodes) is

Archived old episodes of the Howard Stern Show
CrystalOne Radio Howard Stern Stream:
(supports up to 200 users & Streams shows usually 2 to 3 days late)

For those unable to stream live and would like to download the daily show. Get a Torrent client (I recommend uTorrent, it's tiny and free)

You can use this link to see all the torrents listed for the Howard Stern Show just browse via the date on the filename for the one you want and download the torrent file and let your torrent client download it.

List of Torrents for Howard Stern Show:

When you find the link you wish to download click
[Download this torrent]

As more sources are found will keep things updated as I can.


Anonymous said...

hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

Anonymous said...

How about 100... not a bubba fan.


Eric said...

This also plays the west coast feed of Howard Stern.

Howard Stern on the this west coast feed starts at 9:00am EST

Wrap up show around 1pm-2pm est depending on length of Stern show.

Bubba the love sponge starts at 3pm est on weekdays.

On Friday, Bubba starts live at 10am est with a replay in the evening

then Ferrel at 8pm est.

With replays throughout the night.

Best of Stern on the weekend.

Anonymous said...

Thank you!!!!

Rambling Johnny said...

This is like fight club first rule! We don't talk about this! lolll You might just screw up the IGGY!

The Adventures of MYK JONES said...

Well it was good while it lasted! Does anyone have another way to get 101? I can't afford all these subscriptions so i'm forced to troll the net looking for my howard/bubba fix.

Eric said...

I'll try to add updates as I find them. Links at the moment there have been a couple live sources pop up but I guess they can't handle the traffic and crash. But also go to and search Howard Stern or just Howard and you can usually find a couple live streams and some streaming older shows. Will update the page as I get more info.

ACiDRAiN said...

for you bubba fuckers might want to check out links to the uncensored shit... BTW thanks for word of mouth advertising i can always use the traffic :)


BTW you're welcome...