Monday, April 6, 2009

New game that I'm trying out.

I'm still playing Eve Online, but I was bored one night and was reading a couple mmorpg websites such as and and came across a free to play mmo called Runes of Magic.

At first it looks just like a World of Warcraft clone, the graphics do indeed give you that feeling. But luckily I never played warcraft, I came from Dark age of Camelot and then Eve Online. So looking into this Runes of Magic it looked really interesting.

It's a really polished game, although the download links could be spruced up a bit and the main installer client does need some work, but once installed it's a pretty fun game. The main company, Frogster, makes money by offering an item shop that uses "Diamonds" as a form of currency, although items in the diamond shop are optional they do help make things easier and of course the diamonds are purchasable by real life cash. The average cost is $10 per 200 diamonds, with discounts for higher amounts and occasional sales on diamonds.

Although they are certainly not required to enjoy the game, getting your hands on a permanent mount which allows for faster travel is a big help which can be purchased with diamonds. But there are timed rental mounts for those that do not wish to spend real life money.

So far it's a fun game, I've enjoyed playing is casually and it does have a really in depth crafting system which is pretty cool.

The game is totally free to play and if you'd like to check it out feel free to visit

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