Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Finally caved in to the Ipod Touch

Well as the title of this post says I have finally caved in and purchased an Ipod Touch. I picked up what is being called the 3rd generation model 32 gig capacity version. And it is really neat, although being a pc guy I was a bit worried about Itunes and all it's possible aggravations.

I decided to just install Itunes on my windows 7 laptop instead of my desktop which still runs Windows XP sp2 at the moment. Since I will be in the future replacing and upgrading to a newer desktop system I felt just using the laptop to sync and run Itunes would be best.

The battery life for gaming on the Ipod touch is crappy at best I have noticed. In 3d games with wifi/push and all the extras turned off I get roughly 1 hour 40 minutes of game time before the battery needs recharging. Playing music and nothing else it seems to get up to 28-30 hours.

I did find a couple really neat external batteries if one chose to use that increases battery time a whole lot.

There are 2 models one is the IMP500 a 5000ma external battery pack that delivers 400% longer battery time. Up to 38 hours of movies/internet/etc.

The other model is the IMP880 is a 8800ma external battery pack that delivers 600% longer battery time. Up to 50 hours of movies/internet/etc.

So if you really need a longer time for gaming, internet use, etc then these 2 are pretty good solutions the IMP500 is on sale at the moment for $45.95 and the IMP880 going for $85.95

Anyhow lot more playing around and finding good apps for my new toy. But I may look into purchasing an external battery pack for those extended periods of time away from a convenient charger

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