Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Eve Online Planetary Interaction

Eve Online released their latest expansion lately which introduces planetary interaction. The new features will allow players to create what was previously "npc commodities" and moves Eve more toward a truly 100% player driven market.

There are still some bumps to work out, and curious if CCP will be removing npc items that are still seeded that competes (interferes) with the new player created commodities from planetary interaction.

Anyhow still fun to have something shiny and new to play with.

Here are couple screenshots of my small attempts at testing out the new planetary features.

Zoomed out view of one of my setups

View of a basic industry facility

View of one of the storage facilities

This may not be the most ideal setup as there are many different ways you can setup your colony. But the method to my madness at least in this first test is I am running 3 extractors that then feed into a storage facility. Then I feed my first stage storage facility into the basic industrial facility, I take this output and feed it into the second stage storage facility. Each "arm" of my colony is setup that way. Then the final stage of each "arm" feeds into the launchpad.

Will have to see how well this setup performs. My idea is that having the storage facility between the extractors and the industrial facility will provide a buffer so there is no waste and it constantly can feed the industrial facility.

Anyhow it is an interesting expansion to say the least.

Update: I did remove the final storage facility so that at the moment my setup is now extractors (as many as you can support) feed into a storage facility that then feeds into the basic industrial facility then the output of that goes directly to launchpad since it holds 10000m3. Having that storage after the industrial facility i found to be redundant. Still a lot of learning to do though for optimum setups.

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