Monday, July 12, 2010

It's been quiet

Been quiet really, haven't had much to update, other than keeping a few of the old posts here updated with new links as they die. Been debating purchasing a domain and perhaps moving the site over or creating something new. Just haven't made the choice yet.

Anyhow nothing new at the moment.

If you are interesting watching movies and joining a great small community forum come check us out at where you won't be bothered with ads, scams, and crap, just a great group of people and good place to hang out and watch movies.

Until next time, hope you're having a great summer.


cocoa said...


I wonder if you know what is going on with the Plex? they have been down for several days now. I really miss it..... for real!
I hope everything is OK.

kanela (very, very sad kanela)

Eric said...

Haven't heard anything new

the only thing I've seem is from their last Twitter post dated July 26
"We hope to be back soon. Keep us in your thoughts and check in often. Your fiendish Helltown cousins, moose & panamenaii"

Haven't heard anything new yet though