Sunday, March 6, 2011

Couple New Tracks

In my previous post I discussed my new "toys" in the world of midi music creation and DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) software.

So I've been playing around and testing different sounds and learning the software. The software I'm using is Ableton Suite 8.

The midi controller I am using is the Akai LPK25 keyboard.

In the previous post I posted a link to my new Soundcloud account I created for the sole purpose of showing off some of my amateur music creations.

I have 3 tracks on my soundcloud but the first 2 were primarily test tracks, short 1 to 2 minute tracks designed for testing and learning Ableton software and getting used to the new controller.

As of early this morning, roughly 2 am, I finished my first full length track. Still very amateur and still so much to learn in Ableton, but I thought this came out pretty neat.

It's a dance track I just call "Cito" since I use the name Cito a lot in online personas, and I suck at coming up with a name.

Cito by pronoss

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